Gathered in 2011, determined to make music with the purpose of personal spiritual and intellectual growth, we've chosen for the name of the band the Arabic word Zayn, which signifies internal beauty. It is our way of creating, a way that 'screams' with conceptual noise against the bourgeois spirit that engulfs society and against the imposed dehumanization in the form of stupefying and desensitizing.
The art of Zayn is art for ourselves which will not come to terms with commercialization. The songs are thematically linked and they portray the struggle between good and evil, morality and immorality in the real world. The music is mostly instrumental and opposes the media's neosocialist political slogans, cheap rhetorical tricks which carry no meaning, and debased and stereotypical lyrics which contribute to dumbing down and instigating base urges in a disfigured mob which consumes everything it's fed with utter disinterest. If a text is to appear, it should be such that it gives food for thought and intensifies the spiritual within.
Albums and projects: Medeia (2014), Café Mably (2014), Fields of God (2015), Evolution Made Us (2018), You (2019)